Tehran High Flying Tumblers   
Traditional Competition Method & Rules
By:  Tony Mirseyedi   
 Birds during preparation for Teer Mah Competition
Notice all the Primaries & Secondaries are puled out
Photos from the Loft of Haj Mortezaei, Shahre-Rey , Tehran 
Flying Tumblers have been around and polular in Iran (Persia) for thousands of years. 
It was a hobby and passtime for the Kings and heads of Estates.
It is said that the sport of endurance racing was around in Iran even before the arrival of Islam in the 7th century.
The sport originated in the city of Kashan and Fanciers in that city were the first to compete against each other. Eventually the sport spread to other cities of Iran.
But early on in the sport, the competions were held in Spring time and the number of birds entered were limited to 7 to 11 birds. Today the number is in hundereds. 
The proven birds are rested for the entire year and flown in competion only one month out the year in Teer Mah  ( June 21st  to July 21st) when days are the longest .
Temperature in this first month of summer is mostly in the mid to high 30's Celsius or in the 90's F.
The Preparation starts about 50 days ahead by pulling all the Primaries, Secondaries and sometimes even the Pins (Tail feathers). The birds at this stage are called KABK in Farsi. 
In this period birds are fed with higher ration of Protein to help the birds to develope good quality feathers. Vetch is used in the mix to accomplish that. The birds are allowed to venture around the roof top for a few hrs each day. Netting is used to cover the entire roof top to prevent the birds from taking off and damage their wet and growing feathers. After approx. 45 days all the birds should have grown full feathers and ready to be prepared to bring back into shape. 

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