Toghie Tumblers 
IRAN (Persia)
Shirazi Tumbler
Toghie Tumbler 
An ancient and very rare Tumbler of Iran with lot's of mythes and superstition behind it. 
It is bred specifically for it's color pattern and is very popular in western  and southern provinces of Iran among Fanciers who like fancy pigeons (Rangbazan). 
Again, not that popular in Tehran.
Ideal bird will carry a perfect color around the neck and chest without any fault. 
It could be a decent flyer and tumbler but that depends on it's strain and breeder.
It is bred both plain or crested . Crested birds being more popular must have a needle-pointed peak crest. 
It is either clean-legged or short muffed.
Bred in attractive colores of black, blue, dun, red, yellow, and almonds and some taht I can't attend to describe.

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Today in Iran, there are many bred and kept by Fanciers throughout the country, but I am not aware of their importation to USA.

 Tony Mirseyedi
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