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Competition Birds In Rasht- IRAN
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These beautiful pictures were sent to me from a good friend of mine                    Mr. Mohammad Sharghi who lives in Rasht , IRAN .                                            From the Lofts of Mr. Shahzad Mirgheshin and Mr. Mohammad Sharghi.       
These pictures represent some of the best flying / competition type of this breed.
Competition Birds in IRAN 

The following is an excerpt from a letter that Mr. M. Sharghi wrote to me a few months ago.

Mr. Sharghi writes:
The success in this sport is all about knowing how to breed the perfect offsprings. In rules of breeding, the masters of this hobby have three main objectives:

1) The offsprings must posess good homing ability ( Khosh Sou ). That means the offsprings should settle to their home pretty quick and easily and and also do not adopt a bad habbit of landing stray even when tired of after a long fly.  Also after they come out of their rest or molt season (Kabk) , they should not forget the landing place and for any reason land stray (Harz).  Birds without this  quality will never become part of the Competition Team and should be eliminated.

2) The offsprings must be hardy against diseases (khosh Bonieh).

3) The offspings must be strong and brave and does not become a pray too easily. Another word , in case of a Hawk attack, the birds should not become too nervous or scared that causes them to become an easy pray or get lost.  

The Masters also know the the color of their birds and the resalts they can expect from different color patterns that will be bred out of their stock.
Some birds will produce good offsprings only when mated to a similiar color birds and some to an opposite color.
These include the feather color / pattern, eyes and the beak.
This is a knowledge that a Breeder obtains after many years of breeding using a specific Stock and Strain.

I asked Mr. Sharghi about different strains and flying styles of These High flyers.
In respond Mr. Sharghi writes:

Variety in rythm and technic of flying is very enormous among these High Flyers but in general we can catagorize them as follows:

1) Some strains posess extremely powerful wings. They have a faster wing action and can handle windy days much better than others. They will go out of sight (Mayeh) but most of them fly at lower altitude and always show themselves. Most of these types do not play at all and to some people they are boring but are the most consistant and dependable.

2) Some strains have a slower wing action and like to float in the air for a long period. They do not spend too much time at lower altitude and go out of sight (Mayeh) real quick but like to show themselves every now and then during flight. Most like to play but there are some that do not.

3) Some Strains go out of sight (Mayeh) very slowly , playfully and dancingly just like a butterfly. They go up and down for a hour or two and then quickly they disapear in mayeh. After a few hours they show themselves, playing happily and apearing glad just to disapear again.  They do not like to land easily and it would take them a few attempts before they can finally land.

Of course the talent and knowledge of the fancier, the locality and weather condition plays a major role of how and how long these pigeons will and can fly.
Each Master breeder has developed a strain that does best for his home environment.

Mr. Sharghi continues :

Tehran High Flying Tumblers are much similar to an army that rushes to the top of the sky, and after a long war and occupation of the sky returns to his home one by one and bring the good news of victory to their chief.

When talking about Tehran high flying pigeons, I unconciously feel strange sensation, get very exited and enjoy deeply that can not be described. 

Thus I must confess that I don't know much about the complex and mysterious world of pigeons. Every day that I think I know and understand them a little more,
I realize that I am sinking in the sea of their strangeness, gloriousness, beauty and unlimited freedom. 

This beautiful Bird represents one of the most popular color pattern of Tehran High
Flying Tumbler (Kalleh Khal Dar)

Owned by
Mr. Shahzad Mirgheshyani
Rasht - Iran
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