Origin Of Persian (Iran) High Flying Tumblers 
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Here I wanted to talk a little about the Persian (Iran) High Flying Tumblers and its history and origin.

Iran (Land of Aryans), also known as Persia mainly in the west by Greek Historians, is an old country with written history going back more than 3500 years.

It is documented in old scriptures that Persian Kings and heads of estates kept domesticated pigeons as far back as Hakhamanish Dynasty during Kurash Shah (Syrus The Great) era when the Persian Empire ruled the world, thousands of years before the Arabs , Turks or Mongols invaded Iran in the 7th , 10th and 13th centuries.

The Pigeons kept by Persians at that time are the ancestors of what is known today as a "TUMBLER PIGEON". Also refered to it by Mr. Wendell Levi in his book THE PIGEON.

Over thousands of years, when pigeon keepers from other parts of the old world were working to create fancy pigeons(such as Fantails in India and Ornamental pigeons in China) or falcon like Nose Divers (in Greece and Turkey) or for their precious holly like voices (in Arabia) and so on, most pigeon fanciers in central Iran were working with their ancient Tumblers for performance (High Flying, Endurance , Tumbling and intellgence behavior) and therefore they created a breed of Pigeon called today as Persian High Flying Tumbler.

That is not to say that the Persian High Flying Tumbler is the only breed of Tumblers created by Iranian Pigeon breeders during all these years. In other regions of the country the emphasis was put on the looks and beauty of their Tumblers to create such breeds as Toghie, Shirazi, Azarbaijani (Tabrizi), etc.

After the importation of the Persian Tumbler pigeon into Europe, Fanciers in each region, with their vast knowledge of genetics, used this breed and through many crossings, they have created beautiful Fancy breeds as well as some of the world's best flying breeds of pigeons as one can see and enjoy today.

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High Flying Tumblers
Of Tehran - Iran
Tony Mirseyedi