Pigeons Of Esfahan
This is an ancient breed originated in the city of Esfahan , Iran , probably thousands of years ago.  
These Birds are the ancestors to what is called today in the west as "Lahore". 

These Birds found their way to Europe through India where they were called Shirazi, maybe because the first import to India many centuries ago were from the city of Shiraz in Iran. 
Unlike the exhibition Lahore of today, these 
Birds are Homer type flyers.

In Iran they are famous for their rare and breath taking Color pattern, their intelligence and short distant homing instinct. They fly fast just like homers do and find home up to 100 miles away.
Esfahan is an ancient city and one of the oldest in Iran where this breed was first originated. This Breed is ratter rare in Iran, somewhat popular mainly in Esfahan and Shiraz where fanciers have kept this breed pure for thousands of years.
Today one can find beautiful specimen of Esfahani pigeons mainly in Blue and Black. 
They are small to medium size birds , clean legged , smooth headed, bred for their color marking. However, they are still enjoyed for their low flying and homing abilities. 
I want to thank Mr. Hasan Boromand for sharing these beautiful pictures with us.
Esfahani Pigeons, bred and owned by
 Mr. Hasan Boromand
Esfahan, IRAN 
Tony Mirseyedi