Tumblers Of Hamedan
Crack Tumblers of Hamedan 
Bred by Mr. Bahman - Hamedan, IRAN
Another breed of Tumbler from Iran. This breed is a Crack Tumbler with a nice crown like crest and long feathers on the leg. The longer the leg feathers the better. The color patters must be perfect with no flaws. Very popular in the west and northwest provinces of Iran.

This is an old breed of Tumbler that has taken Persian Fanciers thousands of years to create.

This specific and beautiful breed is from Hamedan and created by Mr. Bahman. They are all perfectly marked saddles with breath taking colors.
Mr. Bahman tells me that him and his family have worked on this breed for many many years and what we see in these pictures are the result of many many years of hard work and dedication.
To me it takes more that hard work and detication, it requires tallent and a master's know how to create such a magnificent specimen of Crack Tumbler. Mr Bahman must poses vast knowledge of genetics that is hidden in his experince and pigeons.
Mr. Bahman also writes that these birds are good flyers that like to play (tumble) a lot.
In the air, they put on quite a show with their frequent sumersaults that is combimed with very loud noise that can be heard througout the neigborhood.
As far as I know this breed has not been imported to United States but I am sure many pigeon Fanciers would love to see some in their lofts.  What a fantastic addition to the Iranian Pigeon breeds presently bred and enjoyed by so many in this country.
All the birds in these pictures are bred and owned by Mr. Bahman.
On the behalf of everyone enjoying these pictures, I want to thank Mr. Bahman. Indeed a master in our hobby and a true asset to the pigeon world.

Tony Mirseyedi
It takes a lot of Discipline and devotion to be able to work with only one Breed and spend so many years to creat such a fantastic colony of perfectly marked and beautiful performing pigeons. My hat's off to you, Mr. Bahman. You are indeed an example to all of us.
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