From The Loft of Shahzad 
Rasht- IRAN
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All these birds are bred and owned by Mr. Shahzad Mirghesheyni . Shazad is one the most respected Eshgbaz in Iran.
His tallent and vast knowledge of this sport has made him a master of this sport and landed him the best record time in north of Iran, in provinces of Mazandaran and Gilan. 
Shahzad is also very generous with his birds and has helped many fanciers in this sport.
I am honored to have known Mr. Shazad through our good friend, Mr. Sharghi and hope to meet both one day in person and learn more about these endurance flyers of Iran.
On the behalf of all the fans of this breed, I would want to thank Shahzad and Mohamad for sharing their knowledge and these beautiful pictures with us to enjoy.

Tony Mirseyedi
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