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Iran has many different breed of Tumblers. 
The only breed I like and keep is from City of Tehran. 
                      Also known as Persian High-Flyers ,                             these birds are the endurance flyers of Iran. 
They are bred for their flying time at very high altitude 
with some performing individual summersaults.
Their colors are not of any importance at all. 
But in general they mostly come in blue, red and ash grizzles. They are medium size birds with long feathers, medium in face with nice round large heads.
Back home, In Tehran, these birds are flown in competition
for their time in flight known as Grobandi . 
Keeping and raising Pigeons is very popular in Iran and is considered by many to be holy and would bring good luck and blessings to people who take care of them and offer them a good home. 
It is estimated that 5 percent of Iranian Households keep pigeons.
In Tehran, for use in competition, the proven birds are rested all year and flown only one month out of the year in Teer Mah, 
( June 21st to July 21st ), 
the first month of summer when days are the longest.
Average temperature in this month in Tehran is in the mid to high 90's ( 30's deg. Celsius) . Very hot but very dry.
Most of the pigeon hobbyist live in 7 major cities in Iran which are: 
1. Tehran / Shahre-Rey
2. Kashan
3. Ghom
4. Mashhad
5. Esfahan
6. Tabriz in Azarbayjon
7. Shiraz
Most Hobbyist in the first three Cities raise their birds for mainly flying time only known in Tehran as Eshghbazan.
And in the other Cities mainly for their colors , patterns , fancy Ornaments and some for frequent Tumbling ability and time on the wing is not that important, known as Rangbazan or Naghshbazan.  
These Birds like to fly real high, at pinpoint and at times out of sight. 
They also perform individual and vertical (straight up) somersaults, 
some more than others. 
In Tehran, it is said that the birds are playing. 

They fly slow and do not ride the wind like Tipplers do. And unlike Tipplers they never rake, always straight up over their home.

The best of this Breed is a solo flyer and does not like to kit with the others except early after release. Always by himself in the clouds at pinpoint and at times out of sight. Once in a while it shows himself, play a little, just to disappear again.

 With plenty of time on Hobbyist hands, providing good health management, 
good feed and water control and 
disciplined training and exercise program, 
the best of this kind can fly up to 8 to 11 hours. 
Most are in the 4 to 6 hr range and 
any a bird below 3  hrs is considered a junk.   
In Competition, they fly hundreds of them. This could be anywhere from 101 to 401 birds. 
The release time is always between 5:00 to 6:00 o'clock A.M. 
They average the total time on wings and the fancier with higher time average will win.
 To my knowledge,  Tehran's Record is just under 8 hours, although recently I have heard from other fanciers that this record has been broken several times. 
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